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What you need to know about

What is and what will it be?'s vision is to build a comprehensive platform tailored for new energy vehicles. Based on the B2B2C model, it will cooperate with new energy vehicle (NEV) brands and dealerships to provide end consumers with a new generation of the car buying experience. The core modules of EV include:

  • New energy vehicle trading
  • Charging network
  • News and research
  • Comprehensive customer service for new energy vehicles, such as new energy vehicle subscription usage.

What is's core competitiveness?

We will use big data and AI algorithms to provide the best user experience for end-users.

At the same time, create a new energy vehicle metaverse to increase the interaction between auto brands and end-users.

After car dealers enter the metaverse, they may attract users through continuous design and generation of content, increase user stickiness, make them prefer to buy car products, achieve the effect of expanding and strengthening their business model, and ultimately bring about incremental demand.

During this process, we can respond to customer needs for a personalized experience in the digital space.

The metaverse is a social space but also a networking tool. After EV is deployed in the metaverse field, it can acquire users and fans, and in the future, our users and fans can be converted into potential customers.

The original intention of the founder of

Founder and CEO Li Joel said: 

"As a post-90s generation, I think our generation should take responsibility and make products and services of real value for the whole society. This is also an example of TEDA's embrace of CSR values.

Under the background of oil-to-electricity conversion, I hope to use my own method to help end-users shift to clean energy vehicles faster, reduce travel costs in the era of high oil prices, enjoy a more intelligent travel experience, and reduce human carbon footprint. "